Conquering Fiverr: How To Make Full-Time Money On Fiverr Working Only Part-Time

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Conquering Fiverr: How To Make Full-Time Money On Fiverr Working Only Part-Time

DARE&CONQUER - Damian Prosalendis
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I’ve netted (money in pocket, not revenue) over $1,000,000 on Fiverr

I own the top money making account in the whole world, across all freelance marketplaces.

There is nobody to teach you how to make money on Fiverr better than I do.

Selling my services on Fiverr took me from broke university drop out living in a roach infected dorm room at 19, to millionaire at 20, traveling the world and living in luxurious multi-million dollar homes.

An article about my story appeared on Forbes magazine, titled “Damian Prosalendis, The 21-Year-Old Entrepreneur Built A Million-Dollar Business Out Of His Dorm Room”
"Damian Prosalendis’s story is admirable and filled with lessons for those who are seeking to get out of bad situations and improve their life" - Forbes Magazine

Many other world famous publications have written about me since, including Huffington Post, INC Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and International Business Times.

657 Smart People Have Already Bought Conquering Fiverr - They're Making Up To $30,000 a Month!

I have coached over 657 people on making money on Fiverr.

Most of them had zero money to begin with and no business experience. 

Some make as "little" as $1000 a month. 

Some make as much as $30,000 a month.

LIMITED TIME BONUS Worth $2000 a year

Exclusive Community of Successful Fiverr Sellers For Support & Secrets Not Shared ANYWHERE (Even in this program!) 

By ordering now you get free access to our exclusive for buyers of Conquering Fiverr ONLY -private telegram community - where you can instantly kick-off your Fiverr business, get more sales, organic exposure and guidance by successful Fiverr Sellers.

If you buy before December 30th 2020 you will get FREE 3 MONTH inclusion to test it for yourself (normally $1999 one time admission fee and after $49 per month recurring).

If you don't buy now, you can still get in later on. However, it will actually cost you $1999 one time and a special rate of $49 recurring. Or monthly $299. Up to you. 

This is not a cheesy sales tactic. I'm a man of honour and I value my reputation above money. I'm already rich anyway.

If You Think You Can't Afford This...:

If you actually don't have $499 for this program, I sympathize because I was once so poor that I slept on a mattress I picked up from the trash. 

So I took valuable time out of my busy schedule and wrote a free, extremely in-depth guide for you. Not as in depth as Conquering Fiverr, but it can get you started and making money. Others would charge for the free guide and upsell you Conquering Fiverr for over $1000. 

Yes, it's THAT good. However, I'm giving you the privilege of buying this at only $499. Like I said, I'm already wealthy. 

There are 2 reasons why I charge for this. 

It will make you committed to succeed if you invest in it. We don't value free information. 

Even if this is priceless, I can't charge you my $3000 per hour consulting rate. And it took months of work to create this. 

This is not a program I hastily put together in a weekend to make money from. 

So I charge this symbolic fee. It won't change my life (see @damianprosa Instagram) but it WILL change yours.

Here is the free guide


I want this!

Teaches you how to create a million dollar service business from your home, without spending a penny on advertising or wasting a minute on looking for customers.


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